Kristen Stewart- Bella Swan

Here is the famous Kristen Stewart who played many roles throughout her acting career, but is very remembered for playing in the Twilight Saga as Bella Swan. I’ve recently been loving the Twilight bookss and movies recently- ever since I’ve gotten around to reading them. Obviously the Twilight craze is almost if not over, but is still amazing any who. Now onto the comments- wow I checked my inbox and saw over 2,000 comments waiting to be moderated. If you don’t see your comment than its probably still in the long list of comments pending. Now that’s end it for this post so…bye and thanks for reading😄



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Thank You!

ILYSM! Oh my nachos. I can’t believe this. I have just gotten so many comments- all the ones that were relevant to the website, made me explode with happiness. You guys are so nice! I can’t believe that people actually read my posts, and like them. I’m freaking out (Not really, because if I did I would wake up the whole neighborhood ;P) Words cannot explain the feeling.


PS. I still love you more than much 😀

Bad News/Good News

Let’s start with the good news:

I’ve been getting a lot of comments, that are nice and supportive, so thank you for that. 😀 (sorry about the short good news ‘paragraph’)

Now the bad news:

Some of the comments are in a different language; and I honestly can read 2 languages:  English, and Hieroglyphics (Social Studies) so I would really like if you could maybe translate the comments into English. (sorry about the long bad news PARAGRAPH)


ILYSM; XOXO; I-Heart-Art

Daily Updates

I have not been drawing, for who knows how long! It’s crazy. That is why I tend to post less. Sorry about that by the way. I probably publish a lot of posts one day, and then be off for a while. If not I’ll think of some other options. Hope you Understand Love,